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Willkommen Armin

We heartfully welcome Armin Holzer in our family of Landcruising slackline ambassadors. Armin is based in South Tirolia in between the spectacular rock formations of the Dolomites. Accordingly he has a fantastic playground just out of the door. Beneath slacklining, Armin is an outstanding freeride skier too.

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Willkommen Christian

We dearly welcome Christian Rojek within the team of Landcruising Slacklines athletes. Christian commonly known under his nick "Krr" is an ultra bustling long- and highliner. Its hard to catch him on his home destination in Berlin. Mostly he is on the road travelling to a new highline dream.

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Das kleine Hochtal von Ostrov (tschechisch für Insel und ursprünglich deutsch Eiland) hat sich mittlerweile zu einem der Zentren für den Highline-Sport in Europa gemausert. Großen Einfluß darauf hatten die seit 2008 jährlich stattfindenden Slackline-Treffen im Frühling.

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Willkommen Mich Kemeter

We proudly welcome Mich Kemeter in the Landcruising Slackline Team. Mich is one of the cutting edge athletes in our sport and well known for his stunning achievements.

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Willkommen Basti

We heartfully welcome Bastian Aldehoff in our Landcruising Slackline Team.

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Our updated slackline anchors Zilla 2.0 and Lynx 2.0 are now available through our webshop.

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Finale Prototypen

The final prototypes of our slackline anchors Lynx and Zilla are ready for the tests.