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Der geheime Weblock

There were many questions and rumors about our slackline anchor Revolve, used in our June 2010 300m+ longline.
Recent developments in the slackline community consider us to lift the white scarf. Back in time we were right in the finalization step of the first Dyneema webbing, which was exclusively developed for the slackline sport - our Aeon. The special behaviour of Dyneema and the very high loads of future longline projects led us to the conclusion to invent a new webbing anchor design. The specs of the new anchor should fulfill the following points:
  • maximum main roller for nearly 0% strength reduction of the webbing
  • different modes of anchor friction by winding the webbing on the core
  • moderate size and lightweight design
  • valuable manufacturing process

The new clamping principle was born and was called due to its visual design - Revolve (looking like a Revolver, and you have to revolve the webbing around the inner core with diameter of 60mm). The weight of the Revolve was around 1kg (completely machined of stainless steel).

The Revolve was designed to both positions in a longline setup. The front position at our 9:1 Base System including the special interface for our AFC force measuring device.


The second position mode is on the fixed site directly at the tree, therefore a direct interface to a big shackle was designed.

The Revolve anchor was tested at a mechanical lab. We tested 2 friction modes. At the first one (visible in the picture below) the Aeon slipped at around 12 kN. At the second mode (winded one more time) the translation way of the machine was over at 56kN. Webbing and metalic structure were still intact.


This gave us enough confidence to use the new anchor in the 300m/1000feet project. The maximum tension in field achived with the Revolve were at the 307m longline, the first slackline ever rigged and walked beyond 300m/1000feet, were around 27kN.




There were plans to modify and optimize the first Revolve design (for example using Al7075 instead of steel), but as our time budget became smaller and smaller (Stefan became father, Damian foughts with his studies), other things were priorized.... The Revolve falls into oblivion. 

Perhaps we will work on the birth of the Revolve 2.0 if there is more time and/or the longline community gives us a sign for demand....

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