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We knew each other just from some phone calls from the past concerning the preparation of the guys trip. So we expected all and nothing. We first met up in Rathen, and did a small hike together through the sandstone paradise to get known to each other and to catch some vibes

As we set up a quite nice waterline and a highline for an event the guys from Hamburg had the chance to improve their slacklineskills for the upcoming project. We decided to repeat the line: “In the eye of the falcon” , a really wicked line Stefan and I first walked in 2009. Some days later as the rest of the team from Hamburg had arrived we met up again at the wonderful spot directly in front of the potential highline in the mountain range called Torsteine.



It was their first sandstone highline and probably not their last. We left the rock needles with the last sunlight and prepared a really good diner while Matt and Daniel had to get back to the car in the valley to bring up their sleeping bags in a 2h hike - not the most desirable action after such an exhausting day and a two hour sleep the night before. The panorama view from this spot was fantastic: surrounded by rocks, gorges, pine trees, the river Elbe down in the valley and the fields with rape and corn.


We absorbed the natural spirit and were still awake long after midnight telling stories of our past, philosophizing, listening to music and drinking beer and wine while dancing to the deepmix sound. Also I knew most of the guys just for a short time, I felt a deep connection to them. A fact which is maybe based on the intense feelings you got while walking a highline. Highlining is teamwork and creates community feeling which is like a mark in your brain which will last forever. Furthermore every team member is a passionate climber, surfer or slackliner. Lifestyles which fit together like glue.


I stood up after a few hours of sleep to see the sunrise and had a little walk. It was a misty morning and clouds were ascending from the bottom of the valley. I could hear the sound of the birds from the far away forest and the first shafts of sunlight were warming my face. We had a crapulent breakfast and did some more walks on the highline before we had to leave and get back to our “normal” lives. The crew from Hamburg continued their trip in direction Alps, Mike had to get back to his little daughter and Sebastian and me had to return to the concrete bunker (library) to prepare ourselves for the exams.

This was a 24h trip and in contrast to everyday life it was a nearly surrealistic experience, to feel such a relaxation and pure life in such a short time - dreamtime: a fusion of spirit and matter.


I want to say thank you for the support, the beautiful movie and the inspiration of our friends from Hamburg, Australia and the Landcruising Team: Daniel Ahnen, Matt Galbally, Jakob Siemonsen, Nadiem Jaquet, David Postelt, Enric Günther, Frank Kretschmann, Mike Ueberschär und Sebastian Flügge.


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