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Flug der 1000 Füße

On Friday 4th of June the time had come. The equipment was complete and the weather gave us green light to risk an attempt. Our team (Stefan, Mike, Sebastian and me) started the approach with our bicycles by fair means. Destination was a hidden meadow in the highlands east of Dresden about 20km from our home.


Thanks to the perfect teamwork and the innovative equipment we had a quick setup of a 280m longline. Our new webbing, the Landcruising Aeon, and the new developed Landcruisising Revolve webbing fixation tool were perfect partners for the realisation of this project. It took us about 2h to finish the setup.

Sebastian, Stefan and me walked it without problems onsight halfman. We decided to save our energy for the upcoming challenge and cancelled a fullman. The positive feedback of the line and the solid setup encouraged us to go one step further and write the next chapter of slackline history:

- to break the 1000ft/300m sound barrier

In teamwork we pulled with 4 persons on our established 9to1base pulley system. While pulling we constantly observed the load in the system with our AFC until it reached about 2,7 to. Immediately the tension inside the line was declining slowly which is normal for longlines.

After a short break and the last checks we alloted who will begin. It was me who had the first attempt. I tried to calm down and get the pure concentration and vibes which were necessary for this incredible longline. Communication over this distance was not possible and even seeing the people at the other end was difficult. My friends and my father were waiting at the opposite end, supporting me with there invisible hopes. No sound was disturbing me  - except the music out of my headphones which I had carefully selected. Jump to the line, chongo mount and the first fast steps. The rest is the mantra - breath..., control...as Faith is saying.

The finish was really delicate. A 4m deep waterfilled moat a few meters before the end, the optical change into the dark wood and a tree close to the line was the last crux. Focusing once again on the close end and banishing the concerns I passed the moat and tree. Home stretch and a hug with the tree. After about 14min and several seconds of struggling it was over and I screamed my obsession into the forest. We all screamed and were happy to make this vision reality. The cork of a champaign bottle poped into the air and indeed I was thirsty.


Stefan was next. It was a super soild walk and it looked pretty easy even it wasn´t. After 25min this controlled walk came to an end and once again we were yelling our easement to the world. After each walk we adapted the declined load back to 2,6 to.

Now it was Sebastians turn. He had a good fight but unfortunately failed shortly before the end. Also he tried two more times it was not possible for him to finish it. Just 15m were missing and we were a bit sad but also confident that he will get it next time.

But as we are a team we share work, experience, spirit and our success. Mike also tried and he even send about 40m before he felt down with a fantastic stuntshow (trying a backbounce on this line). His arm was showing the result shortly afterwards with a nice colour pattern.

The sun was allready hiding behind the trees but it was enough time left to fullfill the perfect walk. I felt that i could do it even though my constitution was really exhausted. Sun was shining bright all day and we really worked hard nearly without a break. With all the rest of my power and the absolute will to finish it today i began the long walk back. Many close falls were following, it took me endless seconds to get back to my inner and outer balance. One close fall made me yell, an action I rarely do. But it helped me. It was so exhausting, my legs were shaking like little electric impulses were going through my body. While listening to my favorite music tears were running down my cheeks. I wasn´t brave enough to have a look at the end and craved to be at the finish tree right now. Endless seconds followed and eventually i stepped over the pulley and the walk was just over when i touched the big birch tree.

After over 2000 feet online the perfect walk ended with our infinite relaxation and happiness. Thanks to an innovative loosening method the setdown was nearly without any difficulty. The day ended while the evening sun guided us the way back home on our bikes.

It was a great day and I want to say thank you! to Stefan, Mike, Sebastian and my father who made this dream come true. We dedicate this line to all people who follow there vision to make the unpossible possible. Keep on pushing the limits!

In this context we want to emphasize our respect for Lukas (FM) and Reini (close) who also pushed the limits of the slacklinesport with their send of a 231m line in Austria last weekend. Our Congratulations to them!

As soon as possible we will publish data about our revolutionary slackline webbing - the Landcrusing Aeon. A detailed chronology, more videos and the analysis of the force measurements will follow as well as a press release and the publication of our outstanding partners. Without them the realisation would not have been possible - thank you very much!

To the community, thanks for all your congratulations.

Line Beta:

  • webbing: Landcruising Aeon
  • tensioning system: Lancrusing 9to1base with multiplyer, including AFC and Revolve - fixation tool
  • length: 306,8m = 1006 ft (measured with tape measure, GPS, satellite pictures)
  • preforce: max. preload 2,75 to, load before walk 2,6 to
  • sag (depending on weight): 2,5m (with 85kg)
Tags: Rekord , Team

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