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Lynx 1 & Zilla 1 - Rückblick

Here you can get some insider views over our "production"

A little retrospective of the Zilla and Lynx 1.0 series and how we spend some days earlier this year. With the upcoming release of our new and innovative Lynx & Zilla 2.0 in the middle of november we say good bye to aching fingers - Yes!

Landcruising and its products have a commitment to high quality, realised in small batches. In a self-critical  approach we take care for our products. For this reason we put a lot of efforts in the finish of every single component. We received a new delivery of sideplates for our Zilla heavy duty fixation tool. As these plates are lasercuted they have very sharp edges. In 6 steps we round the edges and polish the stainless steelplates until they have the required surface feel.

This is a very complex and longsome process. We met on a Sunday afternoon in May to work until dusk in the garden. With the help of Mike & Sebastian we could finish some new sideplates. I can remember the time when we used to sew our treeprotection at home. Without the help of our friends this work would be very exhausting. But in teamwork on a sunny day it´s doable. The finish of the metal parts and assembling takes about 1h time per zilla. So we want to point out that the Zillas 1.0 and Lynx 1.0 were not just lasercutet steelplates with some screws through but handmade & individual pieces from slackliners for slackliners.

Anyways with Zilla 2.0 and Lynx 2.0 we overcome this big manual finishing by choosing different manufacturing processes. This gives us more time to develop new functional tools for you ; ).

Have fun with your tools and respect the metal animals!
Tags: Gear, Team

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