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Ninja Set

My first weekend off after a very busy time. Stefan and his girlfriend Kristin went back home from the hospital with their new born son Lenno.

I passed my oral exams and we managed the first wave of orders and the preparation for the upcoming season. I needed some fresh air, so I packed my bag and met up with my friends to join them for a weekend in the Saxon Switzerland.

We had very relaxed time with climbing, slacklining and enjoying nature and the sun. I also used the time to set up my pimped favorite - the Ninja.

Ninjas were mysterious fighter who acted secret, silent and in a dynamic and elegant style in the ancient Japan. I use this setup since a year for nearly every slacklineactivity and I am still amazed of the power of this small package. In connection with the new released Grigri 2 and a 9mm rope we upgraded this setup for the professional slackliner with no compromises in weight to performance ratio.

Our aim was an ultralightweight pulleysystem in the 2kg region but without any disadvantages in efficency, handling and performance. The result is a setup which is suitable up to 70m with a weight of 2,2kg. We proudly present the Ninja Lightweight pulleysystem as a part of our Master-Series.


It consits of following components:

  • 2 Rock Exotica - P21D
  • 1 Rock Exotica - P22
  • 1 Petzl Tibloc
  • 1 CT - Oval Screw Carabiner
  • 1 HW Shackle (bowed) + centering
  • 1 Lynx roll version
  • 1 9mm static rope (20m) with sewn eye
  • 1 8mm shackle straight
  • 1 screw link 10mm

This is only a prespecification, we are still optimizing the components. The setup will be available in our shop at the beginning of May. Further details will be published soon - Keep you eyes open for Ninjas.

Tags: Gear, Tech&Tipps

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