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Rise of the Ninja

Finally after a long time of optimization and testing our Ninja longline kit is available. With a total weight of 8kg, including a 70m White Magic longline and plenty 8kN tightening power it is very compact, yet comfortable in use and due to its solid components a longlasting usage is guaranteed.
The idea of creating a very light kit goes even 3 years back. At this time we used a pulley system with the now sold out Faders Titan Double Pulleys, including an embedded brake (Grigri 1) and our Lockman as webbing anchor. I personally loved this system very much, it was my partner for the daily training on 50-60m longlines and we used it as lightweight tightening system for most of the highlines in 2009 and 2010.

Then we spotted in early 2010 the Rock Exotica Mini Machined Pulleys. The german distributor Seiberth Seiltechnik from Berlin gave us some pre-release modells for testing purposes. We used them really often, especially Damian fall in love with them and integrated them in his every day kit. After the CE-certification process was finsihed we put them as first europe sellers in our webshop (September 2010).


Our Master Series slackline kits consists of different approaches, the Ronin is for example the rope pulley budget solution, while the Sensei is the rugged premium allrounder. The new Ninja follows the consequent lightweight approach, but without loss of comfort, strength performance and durable build style. And on that note an ultimative heavy duty kit called Shogun is in the workbench too.
Coming back to the Ninja - we hope that the final collection will find consent in the community. We introduce with the Ninja our tiny pulley centrification bushing. We searched the market up and down for the ultimative solutions, for example there were so many lightweight ascenders for the multiplier on our desk (Kong Duck, Kong Futura, Ropeman MK1+MK2, Prusiks etc..), but finally the Tibloc showed the best performance and handling. Or regarding the Treeslings, we finally come in cooperation with Slackline-Tools, cause there sling is the best on the market regarding weight/strength/handling in the 50m-70m range (we limit our own adjustable Arborfix slings to 50m, and our black spansets are bomber but even heavier and more suited for 100m+ lines). We know that our TreePlus is the ultimate protector solution, but we decided to integrate the TreeBuddies, caused by the lightweight approach.

We are still flexible and work out special customer up- or downgrades if requested. We also work on more flexible packets inside our shop - which means basically tightening kits, multiplier kits.

We will release asap a special Ninja Edition Kit - the so called "Ninja Everyday Trainer" including 2 Lynx, Ascension, Haulbag, P22 Pulley. This is what we use everyday ; ).
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