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Vorstellung Core 2

The main development goals were:

  • Increasing the safety
  • Increasing the strengt to weight ratio
  • Increasing the durability and robustness
  • Increasing the usability

Core 2 is characterized by the following main features:

  • 25mm width, 100% high tenacity polyester with water-repellent coating
  • 44 kN breaking load at 70 grams
  • 2 different stretch variants HS (high stretch) and LS (low stretch)

The special property profile of the newly developed webbing offers excellent opportunities for a wide area of applications. Therefore, Core 2 is the absolute allround slackline. In following we would like to introduce the technical innovations and its benefits in detail.

1. CS+ (Core-Sheath-Plus) the perfected core-sheath construction

A main goal of our product philosophy was and is the creation of very safe products. We see the kernmantle concept, well known from mountaineering products like ropes, as the groundbreaking principle for slackline webbings regarding product safety. We applied this principle to slackline webbings. Consequently a functional separation is achieved. The inner core is responsible for the primary load transfer and guarantees a high breaking strength. The outer sheath assumes a predominantly protective function and reduces the effects of abrasion, sharp edges, and dirt on the inner load-bearing core.


Many conventional slackline webbings on the market are manufactured only with a single layer design. Thus each yarn passes both, top and bottom side of the webbing within 1-2 cm distance. External damages caused by abrasion or wear have a direct impact on the remaining breaking strength of the webbing. In our view this is a very risky approach, especially for applications in highlines or highly tensioned longlines. The CS+ technology minimizes these risks significantly. The outer sheath reliably and safely reduces damages and wear while the inner core is widely protected and can perform its load-bearing functions. 

CS+ stands for the sophisticated optimization of the core-sheath technology. This is an absolute novelty in the slackline sport. Thanks to the CS+ technology we were able to adapt the core-sheath-ratio, resulting in a considerable increase of the strength of the core. The outer sheath is 360° revolving around the core. It is very sturdy and efficient due to our newly applied PowerFab weave design. At the same time, the webbing remains supple and flexible and can be packed and compressed very space-saving, e.g. for the transport in the backpack.

2. PowerFab

The goal of a slackline webbing development is the achievement of an optimal ratio of breaking strength to weight. We tried to get out the maximum strength of the woven yarn. This goal can be achieved with the usage of very advanced weaving technologies. At the same time the outer sheath layer should be very robust against abrasion and fraying of individual fibers. Our PowerFab (Power Fabric) manages to combine both requirements ideally. The leading strength to weight ratio (in the polyester slackline market) of 0,63 (44kN/70g) speaks for itself.

The extremely fine and dense weave of the PowerFab all around the webbing, manufactured with all the currently available technologies, gives excellent abrasion resistance and reduces the occurence of abrasive dirt in the inside of the load-bearing core.

3. SeamLess Design

We are especially proud of the realisation of a seamless webbing surface. Both edges and both surfaces are visibly and palpable identical. Core 2 has no perceptible seam at the edge. This increases the comfort on feed and hands and provides greater resistance to damage and wear, for example the partial fraying of the webbing.

4. Gentle Edge

With the Core 2 webbing we realised an ideal semicircular edge geometry on both sides. The rounded edges offer a clear comfort plus while walking barefoot, or while catching the line with hands and legs.

5. DuraShell Coating

We have implemented a durable and flexible protection shell on the webbing with a new coating technology and formula. DuraShell is barely noticeable, but still protects the webbing very effective against abrasion and dirt. 

DurShell has a waterrepellent effect, which can be reactivated even after cleaning the slackline. DuraShell also increases the grip of the webbing, also under wet conditions. To sum it up, the endurance and performance of the slackline is increased.

6. Stretch options HS and LS

Some of the requirements concerning the stretch behavior of slacklines are oppositional. For very big longlines (100m and longer) it is desirable to have the least possible webbing elongation. Low elongation means significantly less tightening work and usage of static rope inside a pulley system, obviously better control of the longline when walking and less potential energy stored in the system (a security plus). However, for shorter lines or even highlines it is preferable to use a higher stretch webbing. A higher elongation allows more dynamic movements and reduces load peaks to the slackline system, for example in case of leashfalls or while catching.

We encounter this wide-ranging spectrum of applications with 2 stretch versions based on the same webbing.

Core 2 LS stands for low stretch, about 2% at a load of 10 kN. This means, a 100m longline can be tightened with only 2,0m tensioning way. However, the Core 2 LS webbing offers a nice dynamic bounce and a stable behaviour without the annoying S-Swings for longlines beyond 50m length.

Core 2 HS stands for high stretch, about 6% at a load of 10 kN. Thus, you can rock on shorter lines, from 15-20m too. Of course, this webbing is optimal for the lovers of very dynamic slacklining also in the 100m+ region

7. AntiTwist color scheme

The Core 2 webbings are equipped with multi-colored edges. The outer round edges are woven of black yarns, thus preventing the visibility of dirt at the edge. We added clearly visible color stripes beneath the black colored edges. The color on the top and the bottoms side differs. This difference in color is known as anti-twist help. The colored tracers help to detect and avoid twists during the rigging of the slackline.

Core 2 LS has a blue/green and Core 2 HS has a blue/yellow color scheme (shown pictures are prototype colors).


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