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Willkommen Mich Kemeter

We proudly welcome Mich Kemeter in the Landcruising Slackline Team. Mich is one of the cutting edge athletes in our sport and well known for his stunning achievements.

The list of his remarkable sends is long, we just remember on our common project - Europes first 100m+ highline - the Levitation in October 2010.

Well, 2011 was a great year for Mich, for example he realized the actual world record over water in August 2011. In following his quote to this project:

A 160m (525feet) long ''Landcruising Aeon'' webbing was rigged over 6°C (42°F) cold water and within 24 hours Kemeter Mich claimed the first ascent. The lake is named 'Grüner See' which literally translated means ''Green Lake''. The water looks green-turquoise-blue and will never ''warm'' up to more then 10°C (50°F). ''It was one of the most amazing projects I have ever done!''


To get a feel for the dimensions of such lines, here is a video from a former waterline record - the 135m Water Giant.

He did also some serious highline free-solos, like the Lost Arrow Spire (os fm!!) in May 2011, or the Taft Point Highline in October 2011, both lines are located in Yosemite National Parc. Follow this link and that link for getting a better impression of his craft.



Recently, he visited the amazing lines at Tete de Chien over Monaco and in the Gorges du Verdon. 



Mich is always busy on air (slacklining, climbing, base jumping), so he was seen at Lost Arrow Spire this week again...

Mich trusts in our White Magic and Aeon webbings as liable partners and lately plays with some Zilla 2.0 anchors around.


So Mich - Keep pushing the limits in 2012 and please stay safe!

Follow him here.
Pictures by Michael Habe and Alexandre Buisse and Gerald Kienast
Videos by Michael Maili and Flo Murnig

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